bling-wheels-ltd-services-alloy-wheel-referbishmentAlloy Wheel Refurbishment and Minor Damage Repair

We can repair most minor damages before we refurbish your wheel, this includes curb damage, scrapes, chips or bubbles. Our process will begin with cleaning, stripping, sand blasting, repairing, powder coating and curing before the finishing touches of balancing your wheels. If you need help removing your wheels please let us know before collection so we can bring the appropriate tools.

What is the Alloy Wheel Refurbishment process?

Removing the wheels from the vehicle, cleaning, stripping, sand blasting, repairing, powder coating, curing, balancing and re-fitting.



Powder Coating

We can powder coat or wet spray commercial, domestic and industrial items. This includes alloy wheels, gates, railings, outdoor furniture, radiators, helmets and car, bike, quad, boat parts. For all items powder coating and refurbishments each job is individually priced on condition & turn around time.

What is Powder Coating?

Applied as a dry powder electrostatically and cured under high temperatures, Powder Coating does not require a solvent to keep binder and filler in liquid form. Powder Coating is a hard finish that is thicker, longer lasting and prevents dripping or flaking, commonly used on most metals including railings, gates and alloy wheels etc.


Turn Around Time: We aim to complete your service within 3-working days. For a next day service please call ahead as there are additional costs. This does not apply to puncture repair or part worn tyres. All work is individually priced on condition and turn around time.



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